16th Article | Volume 02 | Issue 02

Against All Odds: On the Challenges of the Critical Milestone Towards Relationship Satisfaction of Same-sex Couples of Marital-like Relationships

Edson L. Vicente, LPT, MAT

Faculty, Sisters of Mary of Banneux, Inc, 

Cavite, Philippines

Published: May 2024

DOI: https://doi.org/10.17613/c9f7-b277


This study attempted to explore the challenges that are critical in the milestone toward relationship satisfaction of the solemnized same-sex couples in the Philippines and the strategies they utilized to minimize its detrimental effects on the relationship. A qualitative case-study approach was used to analyze the lived experiences of eight same-sex couples in marital-like relationships. Based on thematic analysis, disownment from the family of origin, financial stress, becoming parents, and issues of jealousy and infidelity are characterized as critical problems in their relationship. Although male and female couples reported shared common issues, it was suggested that male couples were more susceptible to sexual infidelity due to poor sexual satisfaction. These challenges in the relationship of the participants were not mere crises, but also factors that propel couples towards the satisfaction of their relationships. As to conflict resolution styles, same-sex couples show less belligerence and anger in handling issues in their relationship and express more positive affect and humor in resolving these issues. In conclusion, although same-sex and heterosexual couples share common relationship problems, it suggests that there is much commonality in the issues affecting all contemporary couples. That which most clearly distinguishes same-sex couples from their counterparts is the social context of their lives. While heterosexuals enjoy many privileges and support for their relationship, same-sex couples, on the other hand, are the object of social rejection

Keywords: conflicts, conflict resolution styles, heterosexuals, marital-like relationships, same-sex

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Vicente, E. (2024). Against All Odds: On the Challenges of the Critical Milestone Towards Relationship Satisfaction of Same-Sex Couples of Marital-like Relationships. International Journal of Multidisciplinary Educational Research and Innovation. 2(2), 238-256. https://doi.org/10.17613/c9f7-b277.