11th Article | Volume 02 | Issue 02

Implementation of the TLE-ICT Program Among Junior High Schools in District II of Quezon City in New Normal Setting   

Marvin M. Dela Cruz 

Teacher I, Bagong Silangan High School, 

Quezon City, Philippines

Published: May 2024

DOI: https://doi.org/10.17613/6vqm-t780


The purpose of the study is to determines the extent of implementing the TLE-ICT program in District II of Quezon City. The TPACK domains framework is used to measure teachers' competency level in teaching TLE-ICT. Furthermore, this study employed a descriptive correlation design to produce accurate and reliable results. This research focuses on (7) junior high schools in congressional district II of Quezon City, offering TLE-ICT subjects, namely computer systems and services, computer programming, and illustrator. The researcher used Quota sampling to determine the sample populations for teacher respondents. The researcher used a questionnaire for descriptive interpretation to obtain accurate results. The frequency will determine the distribution and percentage of the respondents. Based on the gathered data, the following significant findings reveal that using summative assessments to evaluate student learning and measure their proficiency in ICT is utilized to the extent of implementation of the TLE-ICT program—the overall level of teachers' technological pedagogical content expertise in teaching ICT. The results indicate that teachers have a moderately high level of technical and pedagogical content knowledge when teaching ICT. Moreover, no significant relationship exists between the perceived Extent of TLE-ICT program implementation and demographic characteristics. After calculating Kendall, the tau-b correlation coefficient for the variables indicates no significant relationship between ICT teachers' perceived TPACK and their demographic characteristics. Lastly, there is a significant relationship between the Extent of TLE-ICT program implementation and the TPACK of ICT teachers

Keywords: TLE- ICT program, TPACK of ICT teachers, teachers’ competency level, technological pedagogical content, pedagogical content knowledge

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Dela Cruz, M. (2024). Implementation of the TLE-ICT Program Among Junior High Schools in District II of Quezon City in New Normal Setting. International Journal of Multidisciplinary Educational Research and Innovation. 2(2), 175-192. https://doi.org/10.17613/6vqm-t780.