5th Article | Volume 01 | Issue 04

Scrutinizing Landbank of the Philippines as a Depository Bank of the Barangays in Makati City: Input Towards Public Service    

Romulo Navarra, DPA                                                                          

Dean, Graduate Studies, City University of Pasay                     

Pasay City, Philippines                                                                                      

Aristeo Razon, MPA                               

Department Manager, Land Bank of Philippines                       

Makati City, Philippines                                                                   


Roberto Tampil, DPA

Professor, City University of Pasay

Pasay City, Philippines

Cynic Tenedero, LPT, MAEd

Instructor, Technological University of the Philippines

Manila, Philippines          

Published: November 2023

DOI: https://doi.org/10.17613/51ge-6r95.



This study deals primarily with the effectiveness of the Land Bank of Philippines as a Depository Bank of Makati Branch in specific organization and bank operations management. This paper provides baseline data in aid of policy formulation to enhance the bank operations management that offers new motivation towards a policy that effectively addresses and solves the bank operations management. This study used the quantitative descriptive method. Thirteen (13) bank personnel and 64 barangays elected chairman, including the appointed treasurer with direct access to the bank transaction regarding the funds of the barangays in Makati City, were purposely taken as research respondents. It was found that no significant difference exists in the assessment of the respondents in organization and bank operations management when grouped according to age, gender, and educational attainment. The mean evaluation of the respondents in the organization and bank operations management with the variables mentioned revealed effectiveness, and the grand mean and the composite mean are within the mean range of 3.50-4.49, interpreted as effective. This implies that the variables mentioned are directly performed to the standard of the bank. It is recommended that the bank look into the deposits of the barangay funds as it is mandated by law to secure the funds of the barangay in the form of deposits and withdrawals. 

Keywords: Landbank of the Philippines, Makati City, depository bank, operation management

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Navarra, R., Razon, A., Tampil, R., & Tenedero, C. (2023). Scrutinizing Landbank of the Philippines as a Depository Bank of the Barangays in Makati City: Input Towards Public Service. International Journal of Multidisciplinary Educational Research and Innovation. 1(4), 74-84. https://doi.org/10.17613/51ge-6r95.


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